Nik is a creative designer based in Toronto who thoroughly enjoys speaking about himself in third person.

Growing up, Nik loved Visual Arts class and English class. So much so, that he would do his classmates’ homework—in return for PC games of course, his other favourite pastime.

As Nik entered high school, Graphic Design was introduced into curriculums as an elective course and naturally, he was first in line. Nik became envolved in a design exchange program between Toronto and Milan. In an exhibition at town hall, he was tasked with teaching design to then mayor, David Miller. From that moment on, Nik knew this was the field he wanted to pursue.

However, because of his undying love for PC games, Nik applied to the top five Game Development programs in Canada, with George Brown College’s School of Design at the top of the list and was accepted into all five with a scholarship. A year into Game Development, he decided to focus on the design aspect of games and soon after on design, period. He transfered his credits to the Graphic Design program and never looked back.

In his second year of Graphic Design, Nik selected Advertising Design as his major and Corporate (Communication) Design as his minor. For the final assignment of his Art Direction class, he designed a piece titled, City of Light & Shadow. It was a city designed in Adobe Illustrator and crafted entirely out of paper, featuring iconic architecture from all around the world to represent the universal language of design bringing the world together.

Nik was approach by the director of George Brown College’s School of Design with a request to be featured in the Design Exhibition reserved for thesis students. Nik agreed and the project proved to be a hit, attracting media attention. Nik was again approached to work on a Revitalization Proposal for Lota, Chile to cultivate a resilient city at Institute Without Boundaries. This was also the time Nik’s freelance career took off, taking on minor projects for clients.

The following year, Nik’s thesis proposal was approved by the dissertation committe and HomeBound was born, a fully branded exclusive travel agency that specializes in very affordable long-term vacations and immigration solutions to developing nations with tropic and sub-tropic environments.

Finally, the long anticipated graduation day arrived. Nik also met his now fiancée, Monica, who shared the same major.

Since then, Nik worked at UPS, Toronto Comminity News, The Backroom Agency and Mary-am Group of Companies as a Graphic Designer, doing everything from design to pre-press production and publishing.

All together, Nik has over a decade of experience in creative design and will continue to design fervidly—as professor Jim Kinney of George Brown College’s School of Design foretold, “Nik has a talent that will continue to defy and eclipse the design community in the years to come”. Design is Nik’s outlet. So plug in. See his work. And if you’re in pursuit of not a good but great designer, hit the contact button and write him a few words.